There are so many ways that artists, photographers, filmmakers, and writers have brought the reality of the refugee crisis to life for a diverse audience. 

The In-Sight team has hand-selected these resources because we believe that they provide accurate and meaningful information for anyone who wants to learn about the current situation in Syria, Greece, and other humanitarian crisis zones around the globe.


From our In-Sight Team

  1. In-Sight co-founder Leena Zara helped her local refugee resettlement agency welcome new families arriving to safety in their new home. 

    Go to our Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering with resettlement and support agencies in your community! 

    Heading 3

  2. "Despite extensive coverage of the recent refugee crisis, part of the story still remains untold. In his talk, Mohammad shares stories of migrants he met when volunteering at refugee camps in Greece. He highlights their infinite kindness, perseverance, motivation to learn and determination to give back once integrated into Western societies. He believes that each and every one of us has the power to help refugees." 
  3. "Faith is what moved us, and faith is what is keeping us going."

    Volunteer, Syrian, photographer, refugee.

    Abdulazez Dukhan shares his wisdom with the world in this compelling short video for Al Jazeera.
  4. Hello, My Friend!

    In-Sight speaker and founder Madi Williamson talks about discovering the true meaning of friendship, community, and love in the refugee camps of Northern Greece.

    Randy Stewart

  5. No Place Like HOPE

    In-Sight speaker Mohammad JD tells compelling stories and shares heart-rendering images from his time as a medical volunteer in Idomeni and Eko camps.

    John Rudoff






How do we adapt and evolve within the realm of our rapid globalization? 
What responsibilities do we have to make sure that as we grow and develop, we don't leave vulnerable populations behind?
Alexander Bretts lends insight to understanding the recent divides we have witnessed in our society and the obligations we have to ensure that we educate people on truths and fight to eliminate false narratives about others in the global community.
Find educational tools, podcasts, and more from a dedicated team at Harvard University
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative 


Amnesty International and EdX partner to bring you an amazing short course on the rights of refugees through short informational videos and games.
The European Council of Foreign Relations brings you this great online resource to explore the refugee crisis. 
How do we begin to tackle the complications that arise from this magnitude of a humanitarian crisis?
​Learn more here:
Witness the refugee camps of Greece with an interactive podcast experience from the incredible This American Life!
This American Life

Lindsay Coulter/Lindsay Coulter Photography


"Dear President Obama,"
A young boy with a big heart from New York reads his touching letter asking the president to let Omran, the child from the iconic Aleppo ambulance photo, come and live with him in peace and safety.
In photos: Adjusting to life in America. US News and World Report brings you a photo journal of three resettled families adjusting to life in Michigan
From Syria to Suburbia
Hear about how an unlikely group of individuals from a small town near Seattle, Washington lent a hand in the refugee crisis. Ellin Spenser, Andre Kamber, and Alice Mendoza talk about their experiences in Lesvos and Idomeni as volunteers through Salaam Cultural Museum.
21-year-old In-Sight speaker Madi Williamson shares stories and reflects on her trips to Greece as a volunteer in Lesvos and Thessaloniki. 

Learn more about Madi on our "speakers" page
Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a refugee? Doctors Without Borders created an incredible interactive exhibit where you can discover the journey and feel like you're living it. Sarah Stillman from the New Yorker tells you all about it.
Community Cafe Bainbridge
Madi also shared her observations from her first week in Idomeni in March with Sara Lerner on Kiro Radio in Seattle
Community Cafe Bainbridge
The New Yorker
Kiro Radio
Anjali Alwis spent time in the refugee camps in Thessaloniki with In-Sight team member Abdulazez Dukhan interviewing residents and sharing their stories.

She also spoke with In-Sight co-founder Madi Williamson about her thoughts on the three months she spent working with the refugee population.

Listen to her series here
Listen to Part One Here

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne attorneys travel to provide legal support for Syrian refugees stuck in Lebanon. 
Hear about their experience and how it changed them.

You can donate or volunteer with teams providing legal support to refugees in Europe and the Middle East through Advocates Abroad!
Advocates Abroad


Seattle community members helped welcome Syrian refugees to the Thanksgiving holiday with a feast, and with a pledge to continue to be a safe haven and welcoming community for incoming families. 

Hear more from Bainbridge Islander Ellin Spenser in our Podcasts section and hear about the local organizations she works with in Seattle!


Doctors John Kahler, Zaher Sahloul, and Samer Attar were awareded Chicagoans of the Year 2016 for their incredible work in Aleppo through the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). 
Dr. Kahler and Dr. Sahloul speak with PBS about the current state of the conflict in Aleppo and what it means for the civilans trapped in the besieged cities.

Learn more about SAMS here 


Salam Neighbor

Education through storytelling. 80,000 displaced people call Za'taari refugee camp home. Discover their incredible stories of bravery, perseverence, and hope for a better future.

"Salam Neighbor is an award-winning film and campaign to connect the world to refugees. Immerse into the life of a Syrian refugee through the journey of Chris and Zach as the first filmmakers allowed to be registered and given a tent inside of a refugee camp."

Learn More

The White Helmets

"To save a life is to save all of humanity."
The White Helmets is a dramatic documentary following the brave men of the Syrian Civil Defense. They are brave volunteers who risk it all to save the lives of others. It is a tale of love and loss, of brotherhood and community, and is a beacon of hope for humanity in the chaos and destruction of war.

Learn More

50 Feet from Syria

 A Syrian-American doctor makes a pilgrimage of sorts to tend to patients displaced by war. On his medical mission with the Syrian American Medical Society, Dr. Bismar does more than just throw sutures, he shows the importance of bringing quality medical care to a population who have lost so much in a brutal and horrific war. 

Learn More


The Refugee Crisis and the Conflict in Syria

The Syria Campaign
Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)
Are You Syrious?
AYS provides daily dispatches that they accumulate from volunteers and NGOs in all of the regions currently impacted by the refugee crisis. They also share alerts from NGOs who are in need of volunteers.

Live and reliable updates from Syria, information on awareness-raising and advocacy opportunities

Information on the current humanitarian and medical situation in Syria, information about current SAMS missions, campaigns, fundraisers, gatherings etc. they also share op/ed articles SAMS volunteers and physicians

Refugees on Route
Radio Free Syria
Through Refugee Eyes
Updates from Syria and on the Syrian refugee crisis

Abdulazez Dukhan’s photography page providing current and authentic photos from the refugee camps in Thessaloniki

Works like poetry, short posts, photos, and more shared by the refugee community themselves.
Syrian Community Network
Hadi Abdullah
One of the brave journalists working to bring you a glimpse of the situation in Syria Hadi Abdullah posts regular updates from the war-torn country and its people. 
SCN is one of the organizations helping resettled refugees transition into their new lives. A great resource to find out how you can help at home! 


Students Organize for Syria
Books not Bombs
Strong advocates for the oppressed and believers in information and education for all. Constantly sharing stories from the crisis and ways that you can help.
International Rescue Committee is dedicated to helping the victims of conflict. They provide vital services to support the most vulnerable members of the population. Follow them to find out how you can help at home and abroad.
SOS is made up of a community of dedicated young people wanting to raise awareness to help with the ongoing conflict in Syria. Find out how you can help. 
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty are on the front lines of advocacy for human rights. They provide updated information on how you can help make a difference on a global scale. 
Stay up to date on the human rights conditions in global crises. 
AJ+ posts short and shareable videos about the situation in Syria and the refugee crisis to help inform people on social media platforms about someof the realities for refugees and people fleeing conflict.
Can Do
Can Do is an organization dedicted to advocacy on behalf of the oppressed. They aim to share meaningful campaigns and ways for members of their movement to help make this world a better place. 

Global Health

Physicians for Human Rights
Doctors Without Borders
ICRC work in some of the most dangerous and neglected areas, providing medical care, transport, and support to populations in need. They are among the few remaining operatives in the dangerous zones in Syria.
MSF are among the first NGOs to respond to humanitarian disasters and are the last to leave. They regularly post information about these crises through the eyes of their staff on the ground. 
Speaking out against the crimes against humanity that we witness when bombs fall on medical facilities and medical staff are punished for helping those in need. 
Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)
Information on the current humanitarian and medical situation in Syria, information about current SAMS missions, campaigns, fundraisers, gatherings etc. they also share op/ed articles SAMS volunteers and physicians


Visual Learning: Dire Straits

YES! Magazine brings educators an abstract lesson plan for teaching critical thinking and for analyzing the refugee crisis.

This visual learning lesson will get your students thinking about displaced migrants and the refugee crisis.

See the Lesson Here

Talks for Educators

Bring a captivating storyteller, a powerful protagonist, or an expert into your classroom with these inspiring talks that our In-Sight team love! 

Short Talks

  1. Friendship and humanity are the primary takeaways from her work in the refugee camps in Greece in this short talk from Madi Williamson

  2. 18-year-old Syrian refugee Abdulazez Dukhan shares his heart-wrenching words and tells his story in this incredible piece from Al Jazeera English

  3. Help students understand what it means to be a "refugee" with this helpful guide from Ted Ed

Long Talks
(That are totally worth the time)

  1. "One of the most compelling, powerful, and painfully true talks on refugees and humanity"

    In-Sight co-founder Madi Williamson's top pick

  2. On the development and situation in the Middle East from reporter Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

  3. On women in Islam, shattering popular misconceptions

  4. Dr. Dan Diamond shares his lessons from the chaos and destruction of post-hurricane Louisiana 

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In-Sight Speakers

In-Sight volunteers are not just volunteers abroad. We believe in sharing the stories we have witnessed unfold during our time in the field. Narratives are a powerful way to educate.

To find a speaker in your area or who matches your educational theme, visit our "Speakers" section on the Events page