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The organizations on this page have been hand-selected by In-Sight as groups whose work has a direct positive impact on the populations and communities we have worked in. You can rest assured that your dollar is making an impact.
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Recent restrictions on travel to the US and cuts on funding to organizations providing life-saving medical care for women around the globe are already having drastic rippling effects, causing stress to families in our communities.

In-Sight was founded with the desire to make awareness and action simpler and more accessible. We need to step up and help one another. Here is one of the ways you can learn more about the immediate needs of the communities impacted by current events.

Emergency Funds

In the face of an emergency, one of the biggest difficulties that aid workers encounter is getting the right supplies to the people who need them most. This can be the inhibiting factor in saving lives. Many logistical complications come down to money and funding. NGOs need to be well-funded to acquire the right supplies and the right people to be maximally impactful.

These are organizations seeking funds for their latest projects and missions on the frontlines of todays biggest humanitarian disasters. From refugee crises to conflict zones and natural disasters, these are the NGOs that we have seen in the heat of it, making real differences for real people.
  1. MedGlobal are a young non-profit organization who aim to provide healthcare for those in need all over the globe.

    Their upcoming missions will focus on the current crisis in Bangladesh with the Rohingya people who are fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. 

    A donation to their operations will help cover the costs of a medical mission- medicine and supplies for the patients, and logistical costs of being on the ground.

  2. Heading 3

    Partners in Health are a globally recognized NGO who set up incredible responses to healthcare disasters like the ebola crisis in West Africa as well as establishing effective systems to provide the best possible care for impoverished regions all over the world. 

    They are currently responding to the earthquake in Mexico as well as the communities impacted by the landslides in Sierra Leone. Go to their website to learn more about their operations and how you can help. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Maximize your gift-giving by contributing to one of our sponsorship programs! We have selected important projects that require continuous donations to be maintained.

Sponsorship will help ensure that organizations are able to provide consistency and accountability to people who need it. 

Salam LADC Birthday Sponsorship

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
"Next year. I promise."
Their mother looked up at us. 
"I've promised my children a birthday cake for three years now, but I just can't afford it. With the rent we pay for our tent on the field, plus food for us and clothes sometimes, I just can't afford it."
That was the night the birthday project began; a hopeful mission aiming at bringing joy and a feeling of being special to the displaced children who live in settlements here - done through the simple magic of celebrating their birthdays.
From home, you can share your birthday - or the birthday of a loved one - with the children here.

 If you would like to sponsor a celebration or hear more, please write to us at:

Find The Organization That's Right For You...

Giving monetary resources can be a very personal contribution towards making this world a better place. We hope that this page can help you find the perfect organization or cause for you to donate to. The In-Sight team has selected these organizations as ones we have seen to be trustworthy and most of all, impactful with the donations that come their way. 

SAMS Global Response
Many In-Sight team members have worked with SGR in various locations. SAMS provides medical care to some of the most vulnerable populations in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Greece. 
Type: Medical

Ben Sager

Keoma Zec

ECHO Refugee Library
Help bring education and connectivity to the refugee camps of Thessaloniki. An amazing team has constructed a mobile library that brings books, laptops, and most of all smiles from camp to camp!
Type: Education, humanitarian 

Photo: NPI

Nurture Project International
Mamas and babies are the most vulnerable in humanitarian crises. Often times their vital needs are not addressed. NPI provides safety and support to mothers and babies so that they can be as healthy as possible by provide\ing nutrition and lactation counseling as well as a safe haven in the refugee camps.
Type: Medical, health 

Keoma Zec

Advocates Abroad 
Lighthouse Relief 
Advocates Abroad provides vital legal support to refugees, assisting people on the move and helping them understand their legal rights. There are very few services as important as legal support in a humanitarian crisis of this scale. 
Type: Legal 
Lighthouse Relief tirelessly brings vital aid to the refugees of Greece, actively participating in building supportive communities in the camps. They are currently active in the Greek islands and on the mainland. 
Type: Humanitarian, education
Carry the Future
When families are forced to flee with nothing but their lives and the clothes on their backs, carrying young family members can be a massive burden. Carry the Future provides baby carriers to refugee families to make their journey as easy as possible. Truly fantastic work.
Type: Humanitarian 
Students Organize for Syria
SOS live up to their mission of standing in solidarity with the people of Syria. They are tireless allies to those suffering the consequences of this humanitarian disaster. They also play a crucial role in education along with their advocacy, sharing information about the crisis with other students at home.

Yalla Help
Yalla Help began as a group of amazing individuals working to make big differences. They have been working tirelessly since the early days of the crisis in Lesvos to the military camps in northern Greece months later. Their work is humanitarian, but their dedication and long-term service makes them a vital and loved part of the community.
Type: Humanitarian
Project Life Jacket
Bringing the stories of residents in the refugee camps to life, Project Life Jacket also creates personal pieces of art on a unique and symbolic canvas. Their storytelling is vital to educating the outside world on the refugee crisis and in bringing humanity into the picture.
Type: Humanitarian
Refugee Aid Serbia
The tricky logistics of operating outside of the EU in the Balkans makes the work of RAS incredibly important. They supply aid to a very underserved population. Not only do they support the refugee community, but they also aim to educate volunteers, making them more productive. 
Type: Humanitarian, education
Books Not Bombs
Books Not Bombs is a student-lead campaign that advocates for scholarship opportunities for Syrian students whose educational careers have been derailed by the war.
Type: Education, humanitarian 
Elpida Home
In collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Migration, Elpida Home provides more than just aid, they provide a community. In cooperation with several other NGOs, they have provided shelter, food, and other types of aid to hundreds of refugee families in Greece.
Type: Humanitarian
Refugee Support
Refugee Support provides tireless humanitarian aid. From education to nutritional support and clothing, they make an effort to provide what is most needed to refugees in Greece.

Type: Humanitarian 
The Syria Campaign
It's hard to know how to help the people still living in the war zones in Syria. The needs change on a regular basis as does the accessability and how people can help. Stay up to date on the most urgent needs and the ways that your dollar can help by following the Syria Campaign on social media.
IType: Syria
Salam LADC
Salam LADC has been assisting Syrian refugees in Beqaa Valley, Lebanon since the first arrivals in 2011. They provide case management of medical cases, crucial humanitarian aid like food and clothing and help with educational projects in the various settlements in the area.

Type: Education, medical, humanitarian
MedVint organizes international volunteers to provide medical care to transcient populations in need. They have operated and continue to work in hotspots like Greece, Iraq, Serbia, and Uganda

Type: Medical