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A picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes more. Share the compelling images of perseverance and community from the refugee camps of Northern Greece. 
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  1. San Francisco 

    Join comedian Chelsea Hadler for an evening benefiting the work of Karam Foundation! 

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  2. Join the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Syrian American Medical Society for a fundraiser to benefit Dialysis patients in Lebanon! 
    Since 2014, SAMS has spearheaded dialysis programs in Jordan to provide support to Syrian refugees. Help us continue this lifesaving care by joining us for this evening fundraising gala.

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Madi Williamson

Mohammad J Deen

Kristina Grayhek

San Francisco, California
Chicago, Illinois
Mohammad is an RN from Chicago who spent three months working with medical volunteers in Northenrn Greece. Mohammad continues his advocacy work through social media outreach and speaking in person as a speaker. Look for him at TedX conference in Paris, May 2017!

Seattle, Washington

Madi is a 22-year-old volunteer who has done two missions to Greece with Salaam Cultural Museum and SAMS Global Response.
She is also the founder of the charity Give for the Game and of In-Sight .
Berkeley, California​

This past summer Kristina spent six weeks working as an EMT with Salaam Cultural Museum and SAMS Global Medical Response in refugee camps in northeastern Greece. As a member of Amnesty International at Berkeley, she has since been able to hold advocacy events for the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Jeanna Deswert

Leena Zahra

Nardeen Dawood

Texas, California
Jeanna spent a month in Greece in April 2016 providing maternal healthcare services to refugee women in Idomeni and Eko Camp. 
She returned to the Middle East in December 2016 and spent a week providing maternal healthcare services to Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Tripoli, Lebanon.  Since then Jeanna has been volunteering in various capacities to advocate for the refugee crisis unfolding. 

Cleveland, Ohio​

Leena's research and passion lies in the protection and vulnerability cases in the displacement of refugees. She has translated in the refugee camps in Calais, France with Care 4 Calais and in Northern Greece with SAMS Global Response.
Back in the US, Leena works with her local refugee resettlement agency to help new families in the Cleveland area.
Berkeley, California​
Orange County, California

Nardeen is an Egyptian-American pre-medicine student at UC Berkeley. In March of 2016, she served with Salaam Cultural Museum in northern Greece.
She helped with the creation of In-Sight in November of 2017 and has assisted in refugee awareness-raising events and advocacy projects.

Mary Lehman

Meghan Gunst

Sobia Haq

Coronado, California​

Mary has volunteered three times in Greece, as both a medic and an attorney, and can share stories and insights from these different perspectives.

London, England​
Sydney, Australia

​Meghan has been working with SAMS Global Response in Northern Greece since mid May in a variety of roles including volunteer clinician, medical coordinator and out-of-country support. She is a paediatric trainee from Australia with a passion for global health equity and sustainable development.
Detroit, Michigan​

Sobia is a pediatric nurse from Detroit, Michigan. She has traveled to Greece twice as a medical volunteer. Sobia is the co-founder and director of Detroit is My Home.

Dr. John Kahler

Camilla Hoeeg

Chicago, Illinois​

Dr. John is a pediatrician from Chicago with twenty years of experience in aidwork. He was recently awarded Chicagoan of the Year for his incredible efforts in helping Syrians in Aleppo and other regions.
Denmark, Lebanon
Camilla Patricia Hoeeg is from the northern region of Denmark. Having worked in Greek refugee camps for 7 months and in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Camilla focuses on the individual story. She speaks of the challenges, chaos, cheerfulness and care that are all to find inside the camps, and how each family have their own way of carrying hope to one day be in a safe home again.


Seattle, Washington

Photo Exhibition for Through Refugee Eyes
Hosted by Madi Williamson and Nardeen Dawood, November 2016
Photo: Ben Williamson

Berkeley, California

Photo Exhibition for Through Refugee Eyes, speakers, screening of the short film, No Place Like Hope and In-Sight speaker Mohammad JD
Hosted by Nardeen Dawood and Kristina Greyhek, October 2016
Photo: John Rudoff

Jakarta, Indonesia

Photo Exhibition for Through Refugee Eyes
Hosted by In-Sight speaker Eka Zairina Aly Hanafiah, December 2016

Detroit, Michigan
Photo Exhibition for Through Refugee Eyes, and art work from In-Sight speaker Sobia Haq
Hosted by Sobia Haq, September 2016

Berkeley, California

Co-Founder Kristina Greyhek presents an educational powerpoint about her time in Greece as a medical volunteer, September 2016

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Month-long photo exhibit of images from Through Refugee Eyes
Hosted by Blackbird Bakery, January 2017

Berkeley, California

Co-Founder Kristina Greyhek presents an educational powerpoint about her time in Greece as a medical volunteer

New York, New York
Photo Exhibition for Through Refugee Eyes and an educational talk on the Syrian conflict
Hosted by Osama Sayed, October 2016

Jakarta, Indonesia

In-Sight team member Eka Zairina Aly Hanafiah exhibits images from Through Refugee Eyes, December 2016

Seattle, Washington

Co-Founder Madi Williamson presents to the School Nurse Organization of Washington at their annual conference, October 2016